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To all our seniors and their Families, please search for your next place to live.  

An Effective Resource for Seniors

If you are a business that provides Senior Housing, Homecare, Medical Services and other Senior Services, please be sure that you are listed in the 

Our Online directory is designed to help you, the Active 55+ Adult, to find businesses and services near you that will provide exactly what you need.  You can browse or search our directory by market area, specific location, keyword or use our friendly business category organization.

Use our Free Listing Form to be listed or correct your listing.


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Our business LinkPlus+ enchanced listing will assist you in learning all you can about a particular business.  LinkPlus+ enchanced listings may include such useful features as photos, maps, linecards, extensions, key people and so much more. 

We are confident that soon you will recognize the real value brings to you - the Active 55+ Adult truly is for the active Senior and the Seniors family concerned about Aging for their loved one.

We will save you precious time in searching for the right place for your loved one.  All right side ads and logos are linked to their websites.  

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Tips for More Effective Searching

To make your searches more effective we urge you to:

  • Always select a Market
  • Categories are less important but we urge you to select a Category OR enter one or more Keywords, but not both
  • The Market and Category pulldowns are searchable.  Type in the box that displays when you click on a pulldown menu to constrain your results.  
  • The Market pulldown menu will also search by Cities featured in each market displaying the market that matches the City you enter.  
  • Keywords can be a powerful and easy way to find what you are looking for.  Keywords will auto-complete to show suggested terms (below)
  • and you may enter multiple keywords.
    • Example: adult care in spokane
    • assisted living in Bellevue