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Senior Facts

Great Facts About the Senior Market

  • Seniors control 85% of America's disposable income.
  • 20% of the population is over 65, and control 40% of America's wealth.
  • Seniors pay their bills on time and have the lowest bankruptcy and bad check rate.
  • Seniors have the highest net worth of any age group.
  • Seniors are loyal & will use your service or product again & again, if satisfied, & they will tell their family & friends to call you too!
  • Seniors use Senior Pages 365 days a year 24/7.
  • Seniors are continually moving into the Nortwhest in high numbers because of lower crime rates, quality standard of living, cost of living, recreational opportunities and mild climate conditions.
  • 80% of seniors own their own homes (have owned them longer too). These are the homes that need the new roofs, siding, paint jobs, furnaces, appliances, carpets, plumbing, electrical, additions & much more.
  • Seniors love to eat out at restaurants 
    • ...they love using coupons and are the largest users of coupons, 
    • ...they love to golf, tennis, bowling, pickleball and fishing, hunting. 
    • ...they have automobiles, RV's and boats, 
    • ...they own businesses and need services found in Senior Pages
    • ...they love to travel, play bingo, go to Casinos, 
    • ...they need dentists, dentures, hearing aids, glasses and physicians, 
    • ...they need hearing aids, eye glasses, home medical care,
    • ...they need the 100's of categories that are represented in the Senior Pages. 

The Senior Pages...A Great Place to Advertise to reach the rapidly expanding Senior Market.

Senior Pages print advertising rates are often 70% LESS than traditional phonebooks. The Senior uses Senior Pages to find businesses that deal with their needs, make it easy for them to find you, be listed on and the print edition...many of your competitors have been doing just that for years!

If you are interested in advertising in Senior Pages please email There is NO obligation on your part. Let us show you what we can do to promote your business. Our advertisers receive a free link listing online